Bone Conduction Headphones Wireless Sport Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphone Waterproof Sweatproof Open Earphones with Mic for Sport and Gym-(black)

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Q: What is Bone Conduction?

-Bone conduction is a way of sound transmission. It transform the voice into mechanical vibrations with different frequency, so we can transmit sound waves through human cranium, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph fluid, cochlea, acoustic nerve and acoustic center.That's why we

can hear the cracker's crisp noise when we eat the biscuit. the vibration goes through our teeth and skull to our inner ear.Q: This is not the genuine Bone Conduction Earphones. It has the leak of noise(play aloud).

-Monitoring methods: Put the bone conduction earphones into work, then obstruct off our ears with fingers or earplugs, if you have, you can still hear the terrific music going through the ear bone.-The issue of

playing aloud is the common problem of all the bone conduction earphones on the marketplace, and they all leak out a little.Our research and development staff is likewise looking for out how to minimize the leak issue. Q: Is it likewise ideal for a person with glasses or

a person with a helmet ?- Personally, it doesn't impact

the normal use of glasses or sunglasses.I wear glasses and will utilize my bone conduction earphones in my workplace. But it is not ideal for individuals wearing a helmet. Q: How's it water resistant effect

? Can we utilize it under water -The bone conduction headphone is generally water resistant and sweat proofing, but it is not recommended to be utilized undersea or utilized in the rain.Q: Does it actually help the people who lose their hearing to get voice back-Bone conduction earphones method slowly activates the acoustic nervous system by producing resonance with the lethal acoustic nerve. This is a long procedure. Keep in mind: If you are an enthusiast for the high quality of the noise, we recommend that a second thought


purchasing. our bass effect is not so ideal.

Product Features

♬OPEN-EAR and SAFE : The bone conduction headphones is designed with U shape. It is small in size and convenient to carry. You don't have to put the earplugs in your ears anymore. You can leave your ears free to listen to music and or talk in your phone calls which avoids the breeding of ear sweat and bacteria, and you feel no pain in the ears. The bone conduction headphones is an external headset,so the ears can hear more beautiful voices other than the beautiful music. Also the bone conduction ♬GREAT INVENTION : Bone conduction headphones can help people with hearing problems or people who lose their hearing to hear the sound again,and long-time wearing will produce therapeutic effects.Wearing In-Ear headphones for a long time can easily lead to inflammation, if the volume is too large,the eardrum vibration amplitude will increase, then your hearing will decrease. The principle of bone conduction is to transmit sound through the vibration of the human mandible. ♬HIGH SENSITIVE MICROPHONE : The whole new structure design reduces the leakage of sound;built-in microphone;DSP noise reduction; all these functions are try to make a clearer call for you.We want your calls to be like the face-to-face conversations. Bone conduction Headphones for head circumference of 48cm-60cm (18.99inch-23.62inch). Please confirm size before purchase. ♬PERFECT COMPATIBILITY :Compatible with 99.9% android and apple systems.260mAH built-in battery makes the standby time of 10 days, 5 hours of continuous talk / music, full charge time of 1.8 hours, Bluetooth duty range up to 10m / 33 feet. Bluetooth 4.0 ♬ FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE : Dear friends, If you buy a bone conduction Bluetooth Headphones with quality problems within one month, we will pay back all . Of course, you can ask for a new one. Within one year quality if there are any problems, providing warranty service. Please believe that we can give you a friendly customer service.

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