Bone Conduction Sports Bluetooth Headphone - IPX6 Grade Waterproof - Microphone Hands-free Stereo Headset

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Manufacturer Details

Have you always been apprehensive that continuous usage of headsets could impair your hearing capability? Or.

Do you find it riskier to use a headphone while driving as you are unable to hear the honking or noise of vehicles originating from the back?

Not any longer! This remarkable headset can solve all your issues with its unbelievable research-based design and functions:.

✔ Makes use of Bone Conduction Technology to transfer music by methods of vibrations straight to the cochlea.
✔ The headset doesn't fit straight into ears therefore you can still hear the essential sounds.
✔ The Bone Conduction technology prevents hearing problems.
✔ The ergonomic design fits well and stays firmly in place during sports activities or exercises.
✔ Pushes back sweat and stays smell free.
✔ Lightweight and Appears Stylish.

Technical Specifications

✔ 200mAh Polymer battery - Charges quickly and lasts longer.
✔ Playback time - 6 hrs - play on, it's a powerhouse.
✔ Reliable Variety - 10 meters - longer range of connectivity.
✔ Stereophonic - excellent music.
✔ Bluetooth 4.0 - for convenience of connection and low power consumption.
✔ Indication light - to reveal status of charging, pairing or suggesting incoming call.

The information of the control functions and significance of different indication lights are given in the manual that comes with the headset.

100 % Safe Satisfaction

We also provide you 100 % safe fulfillment to let you buy with self-confidence.

So, why hesitate?

Product Features

REVOLUTIONARY BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY - This revolutionary Bluetooth headset uses advanced bone conduction technology to transmit music to the internal ear through the cranial bones - thus eliminating the need to put the headphones directly into your ears and the possibility of impairing your hearing capability. This is achieved by converting sound into vibrations. WATERPROOF AND DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - The headset is designed to be waterproof such that you can comfortably use it either on the beach, in the rain or while riding on a boat. The headset doesn't fit directly into ears but rests slightly in front of ears, thus doesn't block the external sound completely, making it safe for use even while driving - as you can hear the honking of the car or anything similar. HIGH CLARITY AND SUPERIOR SOUND - The use of advanced transducer to convert electrical signals to vibrations ensures high clarity sound being transmitted. Even the world class wearable technologies like google-glass are employing bone conduction technology in their devices to enhance the sound experience. SMART ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The headphones are designed to fit firmly even when you are out for adventure or sports activities. These are designed to keep away the sweat and stay odor free even during rigorous workouts. The headphones are provided with easy to access buttons that allow you to perform basic operations like call receiving, playing/pausing music and controlling volume. 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We offer a 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Guarantee to let you buy with confidence and just to let you know that we are always standing behind our products. So, order now and get this incredible bone conduction bluetooth headset and enjoy handsfree high quality music.

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