Little Bear Portable Rechargeable Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier HiFi for phone

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Manufacturer Details

Package included:
1x headset amlifier.
1x USB cable television (charge cable television ).
1x 3.5 to 3.5 audio cable television (for connect your cellular phone to B1 amp).

Super low voltage work: safe & trusted, do not stress that you might get an electrical shock.
Lithium batteries: sufficient power supply.
3 hours travelling, the Actual circumstance with device: clear voice, High resolving power, information performance masterfully, high frequency sounds mellow, neither too high or too boring.medium frequency sounds pure.Low frequency sounds good-nature, resistance to listen to but not turbid. The entire voice sounds pure, Ryan and Sharpay.Symphony efficiencies well, the noise of each instruments can be reconised clearly.
Internal adopts mini American tube 6111 or 6021.
Ideal for LOW ESR earphones (carries out well with 600Ω DT990 in test.).
Products in selection:.
Gold-plated input/ output socket.
NE5532 amplifier.
nichicon electrolytic capacitor.
Precision rings resistance.
Instructions for use:.
1. CD/MP/MD: connect the LINE OUT/ PHONE OUT signals to TU-10 INPUT socket by RCA to 3.5 audiocable.
2. Change & volume control share the exact same knob: Please turn the VOL Knob to the left, then plug in your Headset/ earplugs to HEADPHONE socket.
3. Turn on your media gamer, and tune VOL knob from delegated to ideal till the volume is suitable.
4. Switch off: When you do not want to listen, please take off the headset, turn down the volune till the device is powered off.
1. Connect MP3: Earphone socket: 3.5 mm socket Input socket: 3.5 mm socket: Easy to connect to MP3 directly.
2. Connect CD: when you connect to CD, you could use 3.5 mm to RCA socket connection cable television.
3. Use as Pre-amp: Walking cane be utilized as pre-amplifier: connect the power amplifier from the headset input socket.

Product Features

Little Bear B1-Plus + Portable Tube valve cellphone headphone amplifier amp V1.5 Application: 1.Connect MP3: Headphone socket: 3.5mm socket Input socket: 3.5mm socket: Easy to connect to MP3 directly 2.Connect CD: when you connect to CD, you could use 3.5mm to RCA socket connection cable. 3.Use as Pre-amp: Cane be used as pre-amplifier: connect the power amplifier from the headphone input socket. B-1 is a tube headphone amplifier, the sound feels warmer than transistor products. It has built-in battery protection circuit. It powers off after is is fully charged automatically, Can realize the use of human intelligence. Buyer's Notes: 1:. Please charge it only when it's power off Or it will affect the Charge balancing of the 2 Lithium battery so that you might be unable to charge it. Please pulled out the power supply while using it! 2. Storage: Please keep it fully charged before storage if you do not use it for a long period Be sure to charge it every 3-6months, Empty electricity stored isforbidden.! 3.If it is ran out of electrisity, the volume will become smaller, please charge it in time. It's better to avoid charging it till it's completely ran out of electrisity! 4.Power supply indicator: The indicator light is red during charging, it turns green while the machine is well charged The average charging time is 1-3 hours..

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