Shure SCL5 Sound-Isolating Earphone with Dual High-Definition Driver Earphones with Dedicated Tweeters/Woofers and In-line Crossover, Clear

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The Shure SCL5 Noise Isolating Earphones combines Dual Live Efficiency Drivers with an Inline Crossover to produce the very same reference quality audio developed for expert musicians. The result of devoted speakers for low and high is the loyal reproduction of precision highs, natural mids, and full-bodied bass with clearness frequently challenging to attain with standard stage wedges or studio headphones.Combining dual live efficiency motorists with an in-line crossover, Shure's SCL5 noise isolating earphones produce the very same reference-quality audio developed for expert musicians, with loyal reproduction of precision highs, natural mids, and full-bodied bass. They're great for use on live phases in addition to with any home or portable audio gadget in loud environments such as bus stations, airports, and more. Shure's sound-isolating SCL5 earphones. Sound isolating earphones

provide sound quality far beyond the technical ability of the most pricey earbuds and seclusion that transcends to the best headphones. By producing a protected fit between the sound source and your ear canal, undesirable background sound is shut out while the music comes straight in. They provide a comfy fit thanks to the three sizes of three various included sleeves-- soft flex, foam, and triple-flange. Explore the size and style that develops the best fit for you-- a good seal is essential to optimizing sound seclusion and bass reaction in addition to optimizing comfort throughout extended wear. A long lasting and compact carrying case is included with the SCL5 to provide a convenient, tangle-free solution to keep your earphones. Sound Isolating Technology Headphones typically enclose your ear or rest on top of it. Regular earphones (like the earbuds frequently packaged with CD players)sit on the

outside of the ear. Sound isolating
earphones are various. They are created to fit inside your ear canal, where they produce a separated listening topic that is accountable for their superior acoustic properties. Sound isolating earphones were initially developed as Individual Monitor Systems to allow musicians to hear their own performances in loud onstage environments. Sound isolating earphones work using soft

, flexible sleeves to obstruct background sound, enabling little, high-performance motorists to provide incredibly accurate noise straight to the ear. Is seclusion various from sound cancellation? The seal developed by a sound isolating earphone physically blocks most frequencies of background sound. Active sound cancellation headphones are typically larger, heavier and

battery-driven. The active cancellation process negates selected frequencies through a complicated process that can even present undesirable artifacts into the resulting audio. The natural noise seclusion properties of a correctly fitted in ear earphone goes beyond the efficiency of even the most pricey active sound cancellation alternatives. How perform in ear noise isolating earphones work? By picking from an array of included soft, flexible sleeves, you have the ability to customize the fit of the earphones to your ears. The sleeves comply with the special shape of your ear, producing a seal that isolates you from ambient sound.

Why is seclusion crucial? Sound seclusion makes
it possible to hear higher detail at a lower volume than is possible with earbuds or a lot of headphones meant for portable use. Lower-volume listening methods less fatigue over extended durations and is more secure than aiming to eliminate background sound by turning up the volume

. This makes sound isolating earphones the perfect choice for commuting, travel, workout, research, or work-- any activity where you want portable, hi-fidelity noise. Requirements Frequency Variety: 20Hz-- 18.5 kHz Level of sensitivity: 122dB SPL/mW (@ 1kHz)Impedance: 110 Ohms( @ 1kHz)Weight: 1.1 ounce Input Port: 3.5 mm Cable Length: 61 inches

Product Features

Frequency Range:     20Hz - 18.5kHz Sensitivity:                122dB SPL/mW Impedance:               110 Ohms Input Connector:       3.5mm (1/8") Cable Length: 155 cm (61")

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