5 Of The Best In Ear Headphones of 2014

5 Of The Best In Ear Headphones Of 2014

In ear headphones are superb for their convenience, portability and price. However, some of the brands coming with Smart phones are often terrible. They feature a booming bass, harsh tremble and an uncomfortable fit. But, this should not pull you down. Today, many companies are manufacturing in ear headphones which feature unique specs and are very comfortable to wear. Moreover, you do not have to part with a large sum of money to have them. Enough said. In this article, we are going to review the 5 best in ear headphones of 2014 that are available in the market.

The 5 best in ear headphones you can find in the market.

#1 Sennheiser CX 3.00

To top our list is the Sennheiser CX 3.00. It features a premium sounding system, is well priced and quite impressive with its look and performance. Its sound is loud and very crisp. In addition, it comes with in a winner design, a flatter cord, different colors and a brand new carry case. 

#2 Yurbuds leap wireless

This headphone is powered by the good people over at JBL. They feature a clever battery that lasts for about 16 hours – which is very impressive for such a small in-ear headphone. In addition, they fit properly in the ear and guarantee their users not to fall out.

#3 Jabra sport pulse wireless

I am a very big fan of the previous Jabra’s wireless buds, but this pair is something I have never seen or used. They are integrated with a heart rate monitor, a doubly sound and proper real time coaching system making it a true lifetime workout buddy. Furthermore, they feature a companion app that tracks the pulse rate and relay the relevant data into the buds, while giving you vital statistics including the recommended resting time depending on the intensity of your workout regimen. 

#4 AKG K323XS

These are tiny buds that pack the AKG sound quality signature with a 5.8mm driver and a 20-20 kHz frequency response. You will find these in-ear headphones in five different colors including blue, green, yellow, red, white and black. They come with multiple silicone sleeves that allow them to fit perfectly in your ears, and also feature a remote and mic that are MFI approved. 

#5 Klipssch R6i

At the bottom of the list is the Klipssch R6i. However, this does not make it an inferior brand compared to the rest. In fact, it is one of the most comfortable in ear headphones you’ll ever find in the market. They are well padded and designed with patented contour tips that accurately slot into your ears. As they are constructed from soft silicon material, it reduces ear fatigue and blocks out the unwanted noise. Sound wise, you are staring at dual drivers which offer wide frequency with a three button mic. In addition, its cable is tangle resistant. 


Well, these are the 5 best in ear headphones. As I sum up, it is always advisable to research properly when choosing the best in-ear headphones. Look out for best deals and discounts for each pair of headphone and ensure you get value for your money.