Soundfort Headphone Amplifier & Digital to Analog Audio Converter with Subwoofer Control - Audio & Video Component Signal Amplifier High Performance USB DAC - DS-200 PCM192kHz/32bit Support

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Manufacturer Details

Take your audio power up a notch with the Soundfort AS-100+ earphone amplifier. Soundfort AS-100+ tiny CD amplifier is developed by Japanese designers. The tuning by the assessment and prototyping of the substrate on which dozens pattern thoroughly, can not be realized only theory and parts of specification "auditory" the most characteristic derive a good circuit pattern and component placement of, improve and carry out the music rich top quality sound in a dynamic beyond the class.

Digital audio amplifier area
Speaker impedance: 4?- 8?
Output power: 18W +18 W at 6? THD10%
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz, 0-0.5 dB (8? 1W )
THD: 0.08% at 1kHz 1W
SNR: more than -80 dB (A-weight )
Input impedance: 20K?
Amplifier gain: Hi side - 32dB, low side 20dB

Security items
Over current: Speaker shorting defense. (Do not keep brief!! )
Over voltage: Power input voltage defense.
Temperature: Internal lSI temperature defense.

Dimension/ Weight
Dimension: (w)94 x (H)48 x (D)123mm
* Other than for the protrusion
Weight: 420g (without attachment )

Packaging included:
1 * AS-100+
1 * RCA Cable
1 * AC-Adaper (DC24V 2.4 A)
1 * User Handbook

Warning: The AS-100+ Audio Amplifier in combination with an speaker amplifier, speakers can produce sounds in decibel varieties that may trigger hearing damage. For defense, set all volume levels to a minimum prior to utilizing AS-100+ Audio AMP. Gradually raise the volume manages while music is playing to set the preferred listening level. If you experience any hearing problems or sounding in the ears, speak with a hearing specialist instantly.

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Product Features

Corresponding to 32bit / 192kHz, DSD5.6MHz (DoP) by the adoption of high-performance DAC chip PCM1795. Adopted TI Corp. PCM1795 which is well-established in the DAC, PCM192kHz/32bit, corresponding to DSD5.6MHz (DoP). It adopted Async mode to the USB connection, reducing the jitter noise. The headphone output unit, the high-performance headphone amplifier IC TPA6120A2 that reputation. Headphone jack has adopted a more general ¦Õ3.5mm type on the market. Adoption of large-capacity capacitor is also coupled to drive the analog circuit with a very low noise stable ¡À 12V power supply, and ensure the dynamic range. It has achieved a significant improvement of the S / N ratio. The amplifier front panel is equipped with a sampling frequency display LED and PCM / DSD mode display LED of the input digital signal. The power supply and input switching, has been newly equipped with push-button of machined aluminum can be operated with a light touch. Coaxial digital input terminal in addition to the USB input, such as an optical digital input/output terminal, equipped with a variety of digital input and output unprecedented in the class, in recent years, such as portable digital audio devices that are increasingly popular, digital with a variety of equipment customers with solutions that enable the connection. Internal structure adopts an independent layout with separate analog circuitry/digital circuitry of the new design, significantly reduce the interference between analog/digital circuits. Power supply in addition to the noise filter of the power supply input section to, equipped with a switching noise removal filter to the DC-DC converter output.

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